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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wine & Dine Bib Numbers and Corral Assignments!

The day has finally arrived!!

No, not race day. Today is the day that runDisney finally released the race waivers, which gave the runners their bib numbers. They also released the corral assignments. I knew my bib number a few days ago, but it was still exciting to finally see the link on the site.

Still need your waiver? Click here!

I, by no means, have some fantastic number. Since this is my first timed race, I did not provide Disney with a proof of time which potentially would have placed me in a higher corral. Because I don't have proof of time, I am automatically placed in the last corral. That is ok! The fact I am participating in the race at all is a huge deal to me (cue dreamy me thinking about the accomplishment necklace).

So, without further adieu...
Bib number: 12244
Corral: F

24 days until we race!

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