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Monday, October 8, 2012

And So Begins the Countdown

Today starts the big countdown. Well, kinda. In one month from today, I will be boarding a plane and flying out to Orlando. I will be checking into my hotel and attempt to mentally prepare for the half marathon only two nights later. The biggest countdown begins in two days.

So how did I spend the weekend preparing? By not doing a thing. Brilliance at its finest, right? Saturday was way too cold. It never got above 40 degrees, with the windchill making it feel no higher than 37. I do not own a long sleeve tech shirt or any sort of running jacket (though there is this Reebok one in aubergine I am rather loving), and my arm warmers have not yet arrived. All this meant I was not going to be heading out on Saturday. That's ok; the temperature was supposed to be a high of 56 on Sunday, and that would have been much more favorable. As my story tends to go, something prevented anything from happening. That would be my knee. It felt like someone had taken a swing at it as it hurt to walk around. It also felt swollen, even though it wasn't. Yesterday's high hovered around 50 degrees which would have been fine without my arm warmers, but this darn knee.... I kept off my feet as much as I could, and it wasn't until late at night it finally felt better. Today I am not having any issue with it, so I am thinking I must have somehow twisted it while I slept Saturday night. This morning's temps were not much better...a whopping 32 degrees. I am sitting here drinking a cup of hot tea to warm up. It is supposed to get up to 65, and the rest of this week should be pleasant.

It is time to crack down on everything. Training, cross training, eating. I have only 31 days until I arrive. Once I arrive, there won't be any more training. Well, I may take a short jog the night I arrive, but no hard training. Part of me wants that necklace now so I can grab onto it and blow on the star to wish everything goes so very smoothly. I have no idea why I would blow on the star except that you blow out birthday candles to make a wish...and it makes sense in my mind. And if you know me, then you know that anything that makes sense in my mind is the way I am going to do it.

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