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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Packing List

With just 28 days until I depart for Disney World, I have been taking mental notes on what to pack for the trip. Though I have been to Disney multiple times, this trip will obviously be unlike the typical vacation since I am including a race in it. I did do the Halloween 5K last year, but running just over 13 miles is a bit different than running just over 3 miles...so I have been looking to see what little items I need to remember. So for that, I have to thank runDisney.

At the end of August, the runDisney blog put together a packing list for those traveling to the Disneyland Half Marathon. I think it is a great list to keep for any race you travel to! The image is rather large to put in this post, but you can view it here.  I don't know about you, but I am the type of person that needs to list everything I have to bring, or chances are I will forget it. So I am grateful for this list, especially as it lists things I wouldn't have necessarily thought to bring. Items such as baby wipes, extra laces, safety pins, and others.

Another packing checklist had been brought up by my friends on the Disboards Official 2012 Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon Thread. This wasn't your typical "what should I bring on my trip" list, it was a packing list for the bag we check in at the race. It wasn't something I had thought of. I mean, I checked in a bag when I did my 5K last year, but all I can really remember putting in the bag was a light jacket and a pair of sunglasses. But again, the mileage is rather different. This made me really think about what I would be putting in my check in bag. My list is not extensive, but I think this is what will work for me...
-change of clothes
-baby wipes
-dry shampoo (possibly)

Simple enough, right?

One thing on my mind lately is what I will be wearing the day after the race. Well, I guess the day OF the race since I won't be finishing until after midnight. The month of November can be a bit tricky when it comes to Florida temps. The days can be in the 80s. The nights can be in the 50s. I don't want to be wearing shorts during the day and then rush back to my hotel room to change into pants. And to be honest, the idea of wearing jeans after running that much is not very appealing to me. So pardon me while I break out my inner fashionista....

I want this sweater. Badly. I love the fall color, I love the unique take on a classic piece, I love the relaxed look. I just love it. I so want it for post race day, to pair up with some leggings and boots. I would still carry my jacket with me, but I think that outfit will be perfect for staying comfortable through throughout the day...while not being overly hot while the sun is out, but still being warm in the evening. A $42 sweater with $7 shipping is not quite in my budget, though. :( Still, I posted it not only because I like it...but also because post race day outfits are something to consider. If you are the type of runner who clings onto that body recovery, make sure you pack an outfit that will accommodate that need.

No matter how much you pay attention to what goes in your bag, make sure you list what you need to bring. Even the most experienced runners can forget the obvious...as evidenced by one runner who mentioned forgetting to pack her shoes and having to buy a new pair at the expo. 

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