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Monday, October 22, 2012

Making a List, Checking it Twice

I have been working on my to-do list and am pleased with my progress. Here is what I needed to get done:

1. Get a packing list together and finalized. Seriously, I will forget things if I don't do this.
2. Finish putting my running costume together. I am almost done with this. The skirt is being ordered tomorrow, the compression shorts arrived last week, the large rose pin arrived yesterday, I am (still) waiting on the arm warmers, and I already have my tech shirt. All I will have left to get is the headband.
3. Write out a food plan for race day. You would think I know how to eat. Generally I do. But since race day eating will be a bit different than normal day eating, I want to make sure I have an idea of how I should be spacing out meals/snacks.
4. Get a hair cut. My mane has become unmanageable.
5. Buy the fuel I need for race day. Time to head out and get those extra packs of Honey Stingers and some glucose tablets.
Here is where I am at with each:

1. I still need to get my packing list together. Hopefully I will remember to work on it this afternoon.
2. My running costume is just about done. I ordered the skirt on Friday and the mail has it marked as out for delivery today. Should be in around 12:30pm. Can't wait to see it! The headband is the last piece and will be ordered today.
3. My food plan has been made. It was helpful to see others who are doing this race post their own plans so I could get an idea of what will be good.
4. Got my hair cut on Saturday. It feels a million times better.
5. Still need to get race fuel. .

17 days until I arrive!!

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