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Friday, October 5, 2012

Race Gifts

I remember reading on a forum some time ago about some runners who were congratulated with "accomplishment" gifts...a token to remember what they achieved through their race. There were also those who gifted those tokens to themselves. I didn't really think anything of it since I was not yet part of that group. But in just over a month, I will be. And I have wondered to myself if I wanted a token as well. Last night, I decided I do. I love the finisher's medal that I will be receiving. Admittedly, I like it way more than the full marathon medal Disney offers...which was even redesigned for the 20th anniversary. The medal design itself was a big driving force behind me wanting to do the Wine & Dine Half to begin with. That said, I obviously can't wear the medal every day. It is a medal, not a necklace. It would only be appropriate for me to wear it the day after the race as I walk around one of the Disney parks. Although, I guess it would technically be the same day since I'll end the race some time after midnight. But regardless, it is not like I just wear it when I go to buy some groceries.

Anyway, after realizing I can't wear the medal all the time, I wanted something I could keep with me all the time. Something I could look at and remember all the hard work I put in for this little dream of mine. A wish come true. And when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true. So I found this only fitting...

Those familiar with Sex and the City 2 will recognize this as being extremely similar to Carrie Bradshaw's necklace. Though I have seen some of the television show, I have never seen the movies and had no idea that is what it was inspired by during my search for "star necklaces." But the design is unique and I am in love with it. I love that it incorporates a star...something to wish on. And the fact it has a moon is perfect in its representation of night...since this race will take place at night. You can see more views of the necklace here.

Now I won't be the type that I have seen that needs something like this for every single accomplishment I make in my life. But this race is a huge deal to me. If I ever decide to do a full marathon (a lofty achievement that I have no aspirations towards for the time being), I could see maybe getting something to recognize that. But this is my very first real race. Yes, the 5K was a real race. I don't know...I feel like this one is just different. And it should be recognized somehow. I am sure there will be awesome little trinkets at the expo for the race. Actually I know there will be. But this piece...I don't know...it just suits me and the situation. And it gives me something to blog about.

And I would also like to take a moment to recommend an excellent service if you have a runner staying on Disney property and you want to gift them something, but just don't know what to give. Disney Floral & Gifts offers a variety of gifts ranging from bouquets, to baskets of snacks, and more. They have an entire section of recommended products for marathon runners (or half marathon runners). If you are unsure of what package to get your runner, I personally recommend the "You Can Do It!" package. It comes with an insulated bag, reusable water bottle, and is filled with sustenance such as snacks, energy bars, fruit chews (excellent blood sugar boosters during a run), water, and Powerade. The best part of this service is that they will deliver to the runner's room!

The idea of a gift to commemorate an achievement is in no way exclusive to running. Take pride in the dreams you accomplish!

*Disclaimer - I am in no way compensated for recommending Disney Floral & Gifts. I am simply recommending a service that has received wonderful reviews, and includes some of the most creative gift packages I have seen.

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