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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Upcoming Disney Races

runDisney offers several races a year between the Walt Disney World and Disneyland properties. Registration does have a fee, and that cost is determined by which race you register for, and when you actually register. The races typically have three "tiers" of fees. The fees will be at their lowest usually within the first couple months of registration opening. Once that time has passed, the fee will go up for the second "tier" for a couple more months. Then the fee will go up a third, and final, time. Obviously this means the best time to register for a race is as close to registration opening as you can get. It is also important to know that these races typically sell out. As you know, I am registered for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. The race sold out at the very end of July (I registered in March), though it is not until next month. So it is not only best to register early for the lowest fee, but also to make sure you actually get into the race.

Here is the list of the upcoming Disney races...

Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend
November 9-11, 2012 - Walt Disney World
-Half Marathon...sold out
-Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K...68% full
-runDisney Kids Races...65% full
-Wine & Dine Finish Line Party...67% full

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
January 10-13, 2013 - Walt Disney World
-Marathon...sold out
-Half Marathon...sold out
-Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge...sold out
-Disney Family Fun Run 5K...73% full
-runDisney Kids Races...53% full

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend
January 18-20, 2013 - Disneyland
-Half Marathon...sold out
-Never Land Family Fun Run 5K...sold out
-runDisney Kids Races...sold out
-Pasta in the Park Party...50% full
-Breakfast...50% full

Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend
February 22-24, 2013 - Walt Disney World
-Half Marathon...67% full
-Race Retreat...55% full
-Breakfast...50% full

Expedition Everest Challenge
May 4, 2013 - Walt Disney World
-Registration for this event has not yet opened. Please click here to be notified when it does open.

The 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and the Tower of Terror 10 Miler dates have not yet been announced, and they are currently not listed on the runDisney website. That does not mean they will not happen...they will! But usually only the events through the Expedition Everest Challenge are listed until the time draws a bit closer. We will likely see the events pop up on the site once the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend is over, possibly not until the beginning of 2013.

Obviously the majority of these races take place at Walt Disney World. I have seen a lot of complaints from those closer to Disneyland about having only a couple races there. Please bear in mind that because the Disneyland resort is so small, the races do not take place solely on property. This requires Disney to work with the city of Anaheim since the races go through the roads. Since the Disney World races do take place solely on property, Disney has no one to worry about but themselves. Disney World also offers more hotel space for runners and their companions. So while it may be more of an inconvenience for those on the west coast, it only makes sense for Disney World to host most of the races from a logistical standpoint.

So there are your announced races! I will keep you posted as events sell out, open up, face fee increase, and are announced.

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