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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Here...Race Gifts Part 2

In this blog post, I discussed race, or achievement, gifts and showed the necklace that I wanted to represent my Wine and Dine Half Marathon accomplishment. This past Monday, I ordered the necklace.

It has arrived...

Yes, I had it put in a gift box. No, I will not be opening it until I finish the race. I think it will have a bit of special meaning when I unwrap it knowing that I earned it. You can check out the necklace here.

The website I ordered the necklace from is called Emitations. I have to say that I am very impressed with their service. I ordered the necklace on Monday and chose the free shipping option in order to save a few dollars, and knowing it would likely take a bit longer to receive it. It arrived yesterday. That's right, even with the free shipping option, it took only two days to get to me! I also tend to hunt around for coupon codes when I shop online, and I was delighted to see this company seems to consistently offer them. I found a great one for my purchase and want to share it with you: get $20 off your purchase when you spend at least $45 through the month of October by using the code OCTBIRTHDAY. My necklace was $39.99, and I added the premium gift box for $6.99. When using the code, I wound up paying only $26.98. Great deal!

Only two more weeks until I leave for Disney!

*Disclaimer - I was in no way compensated for the recommendation of Emitations.com. I just wanted to share my personal experience with their service, as well as let you know of a great promotion they have so you can save a bit of money.

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