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Monday, October 29, 2012

Host Resorts

Disney's All-Star Music Resort

Any time you travel to Walt Disney World for a runDisney race, you obviously will need a place to stay. No matter what type of travel forum you visit, you will inevitably find the discussion on whether it is better to stay on Disney property or offsite. I, personally, choose to stay onsite. I could go on and on about why I like to stay on Disney property for all kinds of personal reasons, but I want to specifically focus on why I am pro-Disney during the races...

Host resorts.

For each race, Disney designates specific resorts as host resorts.Unless, of course, you are going during Marathon Weekend in January, in which case ALL the Disney resorts are considered host resorts. What this means is that Disney will provide shuttle service to and from all the race events during the race weekend. This will include the expo and the various races. You are not obligated to use this service, but it is very convenient for those who prefer not to drive while figuring out where to park or what roads may be closed. The resorts themselves may change depending on the race, but there will always be at least one resort in each category of value, moderate, and deluxe. For the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, I will be staying at the All-Star Music Resort. I stayed there last year as well. Admittedly, the All Star resorts are not my personal favorite, but I didn't want to shell out the cash for a moderate or deluxe, and the other values were not considered host resorts. It made the decision very easy. I will be in Disney, however, so ultimately no resort will be a bad resort.

I want to stress the importance of knowing about host resorts, even if you choose not to stay at one. I am doing this because I have seen, more than a few times now, complaints from runners who are staying at non-host resorts who are being left to find alternate transportation, specifically from those who are staying at non-Disney resorts. Like any vacation, you should always do your homework first. That includes knowing what your transportation options are for getting to the race and back. And it is important to note that any time you stay at a hotel not associated with Disney, Disney is not responsible for any aspect for your stay there. This includes race transportation. Complaining to Disney about what a hotel not associated with them offers or does not offer will not go anywhere. Contact the hotel you are staying at, or find other options.

I am not saying this to be mean or rude. Simply to inform you that doing your homework is vital...you don't want to miss your race because of transportation issues.

*Disclaimer - I was in no way compensated for discussing Disney resorts. While I will be staying at one next week, the room was booked using a promotion that had been offered to the general public.

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