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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Turn On the Ignition!

Just one more month.

One more month until I am in that mass of people in the picture above waiting to cross the start line.

One more month until I navigate my way through a 13.1 mile course, running against the backdrop of Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot.

One more month until I cross the finish line.

One more month until I can call myself a half marathon finisher.

Just one more month.

It is daunting. It is nerve-wracking. It is exciting.

I went for my run yesterday and decided to cut my walk interval by 15 seconds in an effort to help my pace. It did help...by dropping it all of around 30 seconds per mile. But the problem is that I found myself a little more tired than normal. That is not how I wanted to feel after just a couple of miles or so. That will surely get me swept. Still, I was not completely out of breath. I will be adding those 15 seconds back to walking as my body seems to have an easier time "recovering" and getting ready for the next run interval. I may try increasing my run interval by 10-15 seconds, though, and see how that works out. If it ultimately doesn't work, I will just stick to my regular intervals. I was just hoping to give myself a little cushion. Cushion or no cushion...I will focus on the positive. I can do this.

One more month until all the frustration, success, setbacks, steps forward, smiles, and tears finally sees its purpose.

31 days and counting.

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