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Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is the Month!

November 1st. Seven days left until I am on a plane to Orlando.

Can it really be November already? Can my trip really only be a week away? Where the heck did time go? It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was waiting for registration to open up and now I am trying to think of any last minute items that I may have forgotten to place on my packing list. Oh I can think of all the wants... :)

Next week, at the expo, I will be picking up my packet that will have my bib as well as a few other goodies. These goodies may range from some samples (last year the samples were from Clif Bar) to discount cards to use at the vendor booths. What I am most excited about is the participant shirts. 5K participants will get a tshirt with their race's logo on it, and it is typically 100% cotton. Half marathon participants will also get a shirt with their race's logo, but it is a tech shirt. Check out the awesome design for the half marathon...

Photo courtesy of runDisney
I am loving this color scheme. Last year the color scheme was maroon and gray, and it just didn't translate all that well onto the tech shirt, in my opinion. Well, I am sure there were people who loved it. I wasn't one of them. This one, however, seems much more vibrant and fun.

One more week until everything I have posted about becomes reality!

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