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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mapping the Course

With only two days before I head down to Disney World, I have been checking out the course map as I mentally prepare for the race.

Course map courtesy of runDisney
Click on the map to see the full size. You will be able to see where I will be running. I am starting at the ESPN Wide World of Sports, running to Animal Kingdom, making my way to Hollywood Studios, and making the final trek to Epcot. I have been really studying this map, not because I don't know where I am going, but because I am trying to make note of where the water/Powerade stations are. Knowing where these are will help me to know how to spread out my race fuel. From the best I can tell, it looks like we will have those stops at the following areas...

1. Just after mile 1
2. Mile 3.5
3. Just before mile 5
4. Mile 7.5 (or just a bit before)
5. A bit after mile 8.5
6. A bit after mile 9.5
7. Just before mile 11
8. Mile 11.5

I kind of wish these were spread out more evenly so I have a better idea of when to expect them without the need to memorize this list. I especially wish these were more spread out since it seems a bit silly to go over two miles between stations at a couple points...but then there is less than a mile in between stations at another point. I don't know, maybe I am not an experienced runner to realize the benefits of the way these are spread out. For my novice self, something around every 1.5 miles would have been more ideal. Oh well.

I finally did buy all my race fuel. I have a bottle of 50 glucose tablets, and a few packages each of Honey Stinger chews and Sports Beans. Dick's Sporting Goods finally opened up their chain where I live, and mailed out a $10 off a $25 purchase coupon as a promotion. Since I was in need of new running socks, I headed over there yesterday. My socks were $15, so I essentially got $10 worth of Honey Stingers and Sports Beans for free. Good deal!

I am doing most of my packing today. The only thing I am leaving out will be bathroom essentials until Thursday before I leave. Tomorrow I do my online check in for my flight. Thursday afternoon, I fly out. I can't quite decide if time dragged while waiting for this trip, or if it has flown by. It feels like both.

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