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Saturday, November 3, 2012

One Week...

Five days left until I board my plane. And on this day next week, I will be preparing to run that night. Obviously I am counting down. :)

I have been spending some time watching videos on youtube from last year's Wine & Dine Half Marathon. They have been making me rather emotional. Last year, it was just me watching other people run. This year I am watching them run with the realization that I will be following in their footsteps. This year, I will be the one on that course. It is a bit overwhelming, especially as I contemplate my ability to finish. But I came across one video where the runner stated he had never gone further than six miles. He crossed the finish line. That gives me hope.

Since I am only one week out until race day, I have been thinking about what I will be doing next Saturday. I will not be going to a park on that day, as I want to conserve as much energy as possible. I am amazed at those who have stated they will be going to Epcot and eating around the Food & Wine Festival pre-race...my body would not be able to handle that. Here are my big plans...

1. SLEEP! Well, as much as I can anyway. I plan to sleep in, and take a nap at some point later in the day. My corral doesn't go until 10:25pm, and assuming I finish in 3 hours, that means I won't cross the finish line until at least 1:25am. Then I have to wait at bag claim, I plan on quickly walking through the after party (but Epcot is pretty big), then making my way back to the shuttle to go back to my resort. If I see the inside of my room before 3am, I will be shocked. So I need as much rest as I can get.

2. Downtown Disney. I may not be going to a park, but a little window shopping may be in order. Besides, I fear I may get a little cabin fever if all I do is stay in my room. And I think I will be enjoying lunch at Earl of Sandwich.

3. Movie time. I am still contemplating whether I will be watching something at the AMC Downtown Disney 24, or if I will just watch whatever happens to be on tv in my room. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is out, and I have been wanting to see that. But the biggest question is what time any movie will be playing. I can't cut it too close to when I have to make it to the race.

4. Make it to the race shuttle by 7pm. See why I can't cut movie time too close? According to the race instructions, the race shuttle only runs from 7-8pm. I don't want to try to catch it at the very last minute.

That's it! Nothing big, nothing energy draining. I am actually kind of looking forward to it since my Disney days tend to be going from one thing to another. Now it is just getting ready here at home. I have two more training runs here, and one at Disney. I will be spending the next five days with final preparations. I can't believe it is almost time!

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