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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Signing Off!

My flight leaves tomorrow at 3:05pm. Since I should be at the airport at least an hour early, I don't think that I will be posting at all tomorrow before I go. I want that time to make sure I have everything I need and all is set to go. And I definitely will not be posting until I am back from my trip. As much as live updates are sometimes fun to keep up with, I would much rather spend my time soaking up the Disney atmosphere. Plus, the only internet access I have will be through my phone...and I really don't feel like attempting to blog through my phone.

I am taking care of a few last minute things today. I need to print my waiver and do my online flight check in this afternoon. I am packing my carry on bag today, which will be holding all my race items. In the unlikely event my bag gets lost, there is no way I want my running gear to be lost with it.

For those interested, runner tracking is now available. Click here to sign up for alerts via email, text, twitter, and/or facebook. These alerts will keep you notified about the runner you wish to track as he (or she) makes his way through the course. Alerts are provided at the 5K, 10K, 15K, and finish line points. Runners, you can also sign up to track yourself. I have alerts coming in via text and email for myself.

So this is it, folks! If you are staying at home, have a great weekend! If you are going to Disney, have a magical time! If you are running the race, good luck!

See you next week!

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