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Monday, November 19, 2012

2013 Princess Half Marathon at 95%!

 11/23/12 Update: The race is now SOLD OUT.

Are you still on the fence about whether you will be participating in the 2013 Princess Half Marathon?

This is your last chance to register!

The race is currently at 95% full, and it won't be long before it is completely sold out. If you want to run it, don't delay with your registration! This will be its fifth anniversary, so there is a new medal design!

Hopefully, you have entered in the Run Like a Princess sweepstakes. Tomorrow is the last day to submit your entry. This gives you the chance to win a trip to Disney with an entry to the Princess Half Marathon (among other things). To "celebrate" the end of the sweepstakes, runDisney is currently have a flash sale with the registration fee. So while it is normally $170, it has been rolled back to $155 for a limited time. Since the race is at 95%, I wouldn't expect the sale, nor the amount of remaining registrations, to last very long at all.

Sign up now!

11/20/12 Update: The race is currently at 97% full. Expect it to sell out within a day or two. 

11/21/12 Update: The race is currently at 99% full. 

11/23/12 Update: The race is now SOLD OUT.


  1. if I had some good female running friends to go with maybe I'd sign up! though I did say I'm not doing another 1/2...

    1. I said the same as soon as I finished the Wine & Dine. And I definitely repeated the phrase as I threw my shoes far away from my body. lol I can't do the 2013 Princess, but maybe 2014. Or maybe 2015 since I do want to do the 5th Wine & Dine.


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