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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Running Costumes

My costume is very slowly coming together. As in, I have the top and the shoes. Well on my way, right? I ordered the tech shirt off ebay since Adidas no longer carries this particular color anymore. In fact, it is difficult to find anyone carrying tech shirts in yellow right now (breaking out my inner fashionista, yellow is not generally considered an autumn/winter color, so it is not an easy color to find). Fortunately, someone on ebay was selling this particular shirt in my size for really cheap...the original price is $48. The shirt came in yesterday and it fits great. It is a bit loose just under the bust, and the entire thing feels more light and airy than any other tech shirt I have used. I am taking it out for a test run this evening, but I have a strong feeling I am really going to like it. Here it is...please forgive the tired look on my face:

Adidas Adipure Tank 

Etsy is one of my favorite sites and you can find me on there putting items on my favorites list quite frequently. I have become a relatively recent fan of Alice in Wonderland. Not that I had not cared for it before...I did. But lately it seems I have had a much greater appreciation for it. Maybe it is because of its quirkiness. Maybe it is because they have a tea party. I don't know. But as I was adding Alice items to my favorites, I found the inspiration for my next running costume, whenever I choose to do another Disney race. 

Adult or Teen Alice in Wonderland Tutu Custom Made by dazeygirl707

I plan on pretty much replicating this entire look. I will just order the tutu, wear the white compression shorts I am getting for the Belle costume under it, get a white tech shirt (which will be considerably easier to find than a yellow one), attach a bow to the shirt, and get a black headband. It is ridiculous how excited I am about a costume I will not yet be piecing together for a future race I am not even registered for. It almost makes me wish I did Alice for the Wine & Dine Half and saved Belle for a future Princess Half. Oh well. Maybe I can do the Tower of Terror 10 Miler next year and use Alice for that.

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