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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New...Shoes!

Running has been increasingly difficult for me lately, and I immediately knew why: my shoes are old. Like really old. As in so old that I will not tell you just how old because it is embarrassing. The rule of thumb is that running shoes should be replaced after about 500 miles. Let's just say my shoes were well in need of replacement. It is not easy to run when you do not have the proper foot support you need. My old pair were Asics and they have served me well. But when a pair of flip flops feels more comfortable than a pair of gym shoes...well, you know it's time to say goodbye. I had considered a new pair of Asics since I did have a good experience with mine. That is until someone else bought them and the stitching started coming apart within a couple of weeks. That immediately scratched the brand off my list. After some back and forth, I was undecided between the Adidas adizero Rush and the Reebok ZigLites. And then I decided. So, making use of a lovely gift card, I finally went to the Reebok outlet last night and got the ZigLites.

Old Asics (left) and new Reebok ZigLites (right)

I am currently wearing my Zigs around my apartment. This is weird for two reasons. First, I normally go barefoot when I am inside. Wearing shoes is just a strange feeling. Second, these shoes feel heavy. I couldn't understand why since they are supposed to be lightweight. Then I realized just a moment ago why they feel so heavy: my Asics were so old and worn down that I basically killed the cushioning...so the cushioning in these new shoes feel like extra weight. I am sure I will get used to it in no time. But I am wearing them around inside to make sure these are the right shoes for me since I can't return them once they have been used. Better to try them on carpet before a run in case I need to exchange them. And, as a side girly note, I absolutely love the colors. The dark gray perfectly contrasts the bold purple and the neon orange (unfortunately this picture does not do justice to how bright it is). The original laces were also dark gray, but I chose to buy neon orange laces also. I hope I don't have to exchange them just for the looks alone.

On a completely different note, I saw this year's medal for the race...

I am not sure how I feel about this. I mean, the medal design is AWESOME. It is the same design from the last couple of years. And, in spite of the picture making it look purple, the medal is actually silver. My problem is with where the ribbon goes through. If you look at my previous post here, you will notice it has a Mickey head. I thought that was a fantastic touch. I am disappointed that it has been removed and replaced with what looks like something "cheap" and lazy in design. I told myself it was removed because maybe the Mickey head just proved to be too delicate. Yes, we will go with that...it makes me feel better. And ultimately, I will not care about a Mickey head when that medal is placed around my neck. In fact, I am fairly certain I will cry when I cross that finish line.

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