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Monday, December 10, 2012

Product Review: Reebok Play Dry Jacket

Ever since I spotted it back in September, I have been wanting the Reebok Play Dry Jacket, preferably in aubergine. Cooler temps would be arriving as winter grew closer, and I knew that I couldn't just run outside in my tech tank the entire time. I needed something to keep me a bit warmer. But, the jacket was $55, and the money was needed elsewhere. With a Reebok outlet store nearby my apartment, I signed up to receive their text notifications. Hey, if there's a sale, I want to know! I finally received a text that made my day: 40% off my purchase through the end of December! So last week, I made my way to Reebok, and bought the jacket I had longed to own.

This is the size small. The jacket is meant to be slim fit, though it still is a relatively relaxed fit on me. Originally, the sizes ranged from extra small to extra large. But since this had been out for several months by this point, only a handful remained in stock at the store and I missed an opportunity to try on and potentially purchase a better fitting extra small. But, I will take 40% off over that. Not to mention that the extra room leaves the door open for extra layers if needed. The color is richer in person, which I like.

There are a couple hidden gems here.
First, the Play Dry technology (the inner white lining). This helps the moisture from your body evaporate, but is designed in a way that allows for breathability. This is a bonus for me. Even as I wear the jacket now, I feel warm without feeling like the heat is trapped. That ventilation will come in very handy. It is also very soft, so there is no rough rubbing against the skin. Every aspect of this jacket is designed with movement in mind, so it sits comfortably against you without being restrictive in the slightest. The second gem? That neon orange (which is very neon in person). Really isn't much more than an aesthetics things, but I love it. Especially since my Zigs have the same color scheme.

And this is probably my favorite part of the jacket...

Thumb holes! It may seem like such a simple feature, and it is. But I have a tendency to pull my sleeves over my hands when I am cold, so I absolutely love that this simple feature takes care of that for me. This also prevents any potential of the sleeves riding up.

I am quite happy with my purchase. The only down side to Reebok's promotions is that they are not stackable. Now I understand that many stores won't allow two different promotions at once if they require the cashier to enter in more than one coupon code. So let me explain: if an item is on sale and automatically rings up on sale without having to enter in a promotion, it is not uncommon for a coupon code to be applied on top of that. The Reebok outlet store had this jacket on sale for 25% off. But the 40% off could not be applied to that sale price, only the original price. I had to choose between the 25% off or the 40% off. Obviously I went for the 40% off, but the many years of retail experience in me was a bit disappointed as this is not typical shopping policy. The difference between getting the 40% off the sale price or the original price was about $8. Not a make it or break it deal in my opinion, but I like to get bargains where I can. But that's ok, I got the jacket I wanted for considerably less than the original price.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a good running jacket, I highly recommend you try this one out!

*Disclaimer - I was in no way compensated for this post. I purchased the jacket with my own money with no prompting or recommendations from anyone. I am simply reviewing my purchase to help others in case they are researching jackets.

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