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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

2013 is here! A new day. New month. New year. New me and you! I'd like to sit here and tell you all about the awesome plans I had last night to ring in the new year, but the truth is I have been sick for the last week. I wound up watching New Year's Rockin' Eve and enjoyed the quick Disney World clips they showed.

2012 was an interesting year for me in every aspect. But I wound up accomplishing something I never thought I would do: I finished a half marathon. And not only did I do it, I did it at one of my favorite places ever. I surprised myself with my abilities and the fact I was not limited to or by them. I surprised myself when I found that not only did I accomplish finishing a half marathon, but began craving more. I believed I would do what I set out to do, and that would be it. I did not anticipate that this would instill a desire to do more. Yet, here I am.

It is never unusual for people to make resolutions with a new year, and I am no exception to that. In addition to a few personal ones, I have also made health and fitness related ones. I won't share every last one, but I will mention a couple big ones...
1. I need to regularly eat healthy. I think this is something pretty much everyone vows to do eery new year. But I have blood sugar issues, and I wake up nauseous every morning. This nausea is further aggravated if I spent the day before eating junk. This has to change. I don't like feeling worse than I have to, and want to actively prevent that if I can.
2. More workouts, more runs. I have every intention of doing The Color Run this year, and there is discussion about possibly participating in this year's Expedition Everest Challenge. Running this winter, so far, has been nonexistent. By the time I finally, well, mostly, winterized my running gear, temps started dipping into the 20s and teens, with wind chills even lower than that. Perhaps some are fine with that, but I know my body, and it has never handled the cold well. Being sick also doesn't aid the whole desire to get up and run, so hopefully I will recover soon.

I wish I could say that 2013 is the year I will be adding a plethora of Disney race medals to my collection. But I am quite proud of myself for what I accomplished last year and am thrilled to be taking steps to ensure that continues, even if it means I have to wait until the next medal is received.

Happy New Year, friends!!


  1. Would love to do EE! It's not in the cards for this year, but maybe 2014. Happy New Year!

  2. I'm making my 2013 Run Disney goals, too :). I'm looking at a few of the 5Ks this year to keep costs down a bit, but it's hard to not be tempted by EE for me, too :)!



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